New novel available: *St Cybi's Well* (free today)

Happy May Day, and the day my husband’s latest novel is launching. The title is St Cybi’s Well and it is set almost entirely in Wales. Here’s the ‘book blurb’ from the website:

Welcome to St Cybi’s Well. It is 2012, a year and reality not unlike our own but neither entirely the same. Where Communion of Dreams was what you might consider a classic science fiction story (though one with wide appeal outside that genre), St. Cybi’s Well is something . . . different.

It’s part travelogue, showcasing the beauty that is Wales. It’s part metaphysical journey, exploring Welsh mythology. It’s part political commentary, examining our reality through the lens of fiction. And, by fate or chance, it’s also partly a reflection of what it is like to live through the world wide fire-flu pandemic that makes up the back story of Communion of Dreams while experiencing our own Covid-19 pandemic. But, in the end, I think you’ll agree that it’s all science fiction.

As you may be able to tell, it is the prequel to a previous novel he wrote, which is set in 2052, so is more specifically science fiction. But this one is not just science fiction. And, as I mentioned above, it is available free for Kindle today (Friday, May 1 - US Pacific time midnight to midnight, so 8am Friday to 7:59am Saturday UK time) from Amazon (just search for the title in Amazon and it will come up - I just tried Amazon UK and it worked). It is also available in paperback, though not free.

I hope you enjoy it, and if so, tell your friends!


Thank you I have taken up on the offer and look forward to reading it :):grinning:

Thank you! I should add that the previous book, Communion of Dreams - of which St Cybi’s Well is the prequel - is also available today for free.

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