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Hi everyone

I have lived in Mid Wales now for five & a half years. My husband said before we moved that we ought to learn Welsh - I started learning nearly four years ago but he never go round to it! I have never been much good at languages & although I passed the Menneniad exam, I don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to speaking Welsh, hence this course. I have just completed Week 7. I look forward to meeting some of you on this forum.


Welcome Helen :star2:
You’ve come to the right place for building up confidence in speaking Welsh!

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You can’t come and say something like that without expanding :slight_smile:

I’m from Aberystwyth, we’ve got a fair few people from mid-Wales on here as well


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Diolch! I’m just doing Challenge 14 - it’s a killer!


Welcome Helen!

I have lived in mid-Wales for over five years too, near Machynlleth. There are many friendly SSiWers in the area (and quite a few Helens too!).


Croeso @Helen2. I’m impressed to see you’ve already earned your pink tag :star:

If you live near the metropolis of Ystrad Meurig, send me a PM (Private message). perhaps we can meet for a chat.

You might like to join a group of us near Tresaith a week on Saturday:
Clonc-edigion April meeting

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Croeso Helen, to the Forum! (Wish I could say, “Croeso i Gymru” but I’m in Yr Alban (Scotland) now! The forum is very helpful. Ask and ye shall be answered!

Yes, 14 is a bit unnecessarily tough - sorry about that… :wink:

Keep going to the clwb clonc and as Louis said you’ve come to the right place :grinning:

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Oops sorry Aran. I forgot you were listening!

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Diolch Theresa

Hi Hew. Thanks for your kind invitation but I’ve checked the map & you’re quite a distance from me. We do have several club cloncs in this area.

It’s absolutely true - I’m happy to carry the can! :wink: