New Manchester Evening Group for Welsh Speakers

This is a new group organised by Simon Chandler for Welsh speakers - it’s aimed at first language or fairly advanced learners but I’m sure all would be welcome. I think the intention is for it to be monthly and the day of the week may vary. The 2nd meet up is this Thursday 2nd May 2019. There was quite a big turnout last month with some lovely folk. Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the group’s Facebook page:


Love the poster!

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Love this!
As a Mancunian, when not working away (which is unfortunately, quite often) this would be ideal :slight_smile:

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Wish I could claim it as my design Dee but it wasn’t. :joy: My poster for the Saturday group is much more basic. I need to work on it. Looking forward to finally meeting you at the SSIW party.:blush: x

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Hi Danny! It would be lovely to see you again if you get the chance. They’re a very friendly group. :blush:

Glad to see this here - I just mentioned it in Slack to @Deborah-SSi yesterday after seeing it on Twitter…and here it is the very same group!

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Here’s the date for the July meet up . Really interesting group last night - some challenging discussions with first language speakers from the North and South. A very welcoming group. :slight_smile:


Here’s Simon Chandler who organises this group recently appearing on Heno! An amazingly talented guy! :slight_smile: Enjoy!