New Learners in the Flintshire area?

Are there any new learners in the flintshire area?

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Hi Grahame

I am a new learner in Flintshire. I am on Level 1, challenge 8 !! I am enjoying learning but need to pluck up the courage to join a zoom meeting or something to speak !!

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Hi @grahame-thomas! I’ve changed the title of your thread ti include the word Flintshire, in the hope that it will draw more attention. All the best! :slight_smile:

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Pnawn da , I live in Flintshire hefyd, I don’t get the opportunity to try to speak much Welsh where I live. I have been introducing myself by starting with bore da , pnawn da whatever ( and hoping welsh speakers don’t pounce on me when I’m not ‘ in the zone ‘ ) :joy:

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Noswaith dda Sally
I have just picked up your email, I have had some issues with BT! It would be great to have the opportunity to try and siarad cymraeg with another learner.

Hi Beverley,
I also live in Flintshire and would be more than happy to join in with you for a conversation or two.
Diolch Grahame

Diolch Graham. Dwi wedi bod ar wyliau, cwch hwylio ar gamlas Llangollen. Dwi’n hoffi yn cyfle to swap some sentences with somebody, so we will have to sort something out.

If any of you are doing the 6 Minutes course, there is a new optional channel you can join in the SSiW 6/6 Support Slack workspace - #flintshire-wrexham-chester

Just click on the + next to ‘Channels’ in Slack and you’ll be able to browse to find it, then join.

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I live in Flintshire and happy to meet up for a chat. If you are on the 6/6 Slack Workspace do come and join us for a chat there also. It’s really hard to know where to post with there being 3 different places for discussion. There is also a Siarad Shotton group, currently having a break, but hoping to meet in person again from September. We don’t often hear people speaking Welsh out and about in our area and I would really love that to change.


I didn’t realise there was a siarad Shotton group, I am only up the road in Ewloe so would love to join you when it starts up again, if possible x

Hi Beverley, I’ll make sure it’s posted on here when it starts up again.

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Diolch :grinning:

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I saw Shotton listed on the recent posting from Dysgu Cymraeg NE. I went to the Groves tonight but there was no welsh learners group meeting there and the staff did not remember one being held recently either.

Hi Janette. I don’t think the Shotton group has started up again and don’t know if it will. The Flint Panad a Sgwrs is still meeting Friday lunchtimes though.

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Thanks Clare. I was looking for something in the evening or Saturday morning. I am going to try Ffrindiau Darllen next week at Mold library.

Is that on Saturday mornings? I’d be interested if it is.

No, Tuesday evening (Uwch+) and there is also Canolradd on zoom.
Facebook link to the Aura library page (hopefully)``

Hi another Flintshire learner here (Mold)-would be great to meet up with others