New learner

I am very much a beginner, on lesson 8 Course 1. I am thoroughly enjoying the course but it has taken me until today to speak a couple of sentences in Welsh to a stranger, and as I am very shy it took a lot of courage but I did it! For anyone else out there like me take the plunge as it gives you a real sense of achievement. I would never have done it without the words of encouragement from Iestyn and Cat so I big big thank you to you both (I am learning Southern Welsh).

Many congratulations, Anette - that’s a huge step, and to do it as early as Lesson 8 is fantastic - many people who do evening classes take years before they use their Welsh outside of the classroom.

With that kind of attitude, you’ll definitely go far!..:seren:

Congratulations Anette! That’s a great achievement! Hope you enjoy the rest of the course. :slight_smile:

Croeso mawr Anette! I hope this is the beginning of a very interesting and successful journey for you. All the very best and diolch for learning Cymraeg! :slight_smile: