New Learner Massive Thank You

Good evening all,

I am a new learner I’ve completed 8 challenges of the level 1 course for South Wales. Good fun very challenging. The mistakes add to the learning curve for me.

This evening I started my entry level Welsh evening course. By mistake I walked in to a more advanced class. I introduced myself in Welsh, the tutor spoke to me in Welsh throughout the conversation. I was following what was being said. He used I think a lot which helped me work out the general gist. First attempt at speaking Welsh since starting the SSiW course.

I then introduced myself in Welsh to my class tutor. A lovely lady from North Wales, who told me my speaking was of a southern to my class peers with ydw i. I’m from South East Wales.

Personal thank you to everyone involved with SSiW. The videos from other learners on the forum has driven me on. Along with the tutors on the course material. I have watched some SSiW YouTube videos and subscribed. I’ve watched some of the LearnWithNicky videos on YouTube very helpful.




Well done, Conor - you’ve smashed through the barrier holding many learners back for years - actually using your Welsh in the real world! And welcome to the Forum…


Sounds as though you’re off to an absolutely superb start, Conor - congratulations, and a very warm welcome to the forum… :slight_smile: :star2:


Croeso i SSiW Conor and congratulations on your achievements so far! It looks like you are off to a flying start! Llongyfarchiadau! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the warm welcome to the forum.


and Croeso, Welcome to the Forum!