New iOS app for SSiW

There’s a shiny new iOS app available in the app store. See link below.

This new version is a complete re-design with an updated look and feel. It will work on any device running iOS 7 or newer.

The old version is still available in the app store, and we’ll leave it that way for a while until the time is right to retire the old one. However, since it’s been there a while, it still comes up first when you search for “say something in welsh” - so let’s get the new one downloaded with a vengeance and get it first in search!

If you have any problems, give a shout here, or PM me.


ooh, shiny! cant wait to get my phone back off Oscar Bach (Niño) and give it a whirl!!

Absolutely fantastic work, Jeff - @lewie has been a real superhero with this, and we’ll now be able to offer hugely improved support as and when anyone isn’t sure about stuff with the app… :sunny: :star: :star2:

I’ve updated the Apps in Welsh entry to include the new link for you :slight_smile:

Ps. if you want to provide a Welsh version of your app store description for the Welsh language version of the site, just let me know and we can drop it in! :slight_smile:


Great job Lewie!
Thank you for all of your efforts.
I love this redesigned interface.
A very clean and easy to use app.


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Diolch yn fawr!

Terrific idea, but I think I’ll wait 'til I localize the app yn y Gymraeg.

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Hey, if anyone wants to join the beta test team, just throw a PM my way.

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Buzzkill alert!! Deleted old app from phone and iTunes today, then tried to download the new one. I couldn’t cut and paste the error message as it wouldn’t let me? Any-hoo, I should be getting new phone tomorrow so will try again on that and see how we go.

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Update Alert! The latest update to version 2 of the iOS app has just been released. Lots of little tweaks, but the biggest thing you’ll notice is integration with the Forum - just tap the new “speech bubble” icon on the tab bar.

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Ohhh … I’m a bit jelous on iUsers! @theblacksparrow do you have some plans to do something like this for us a(ndroid)Users too? :slight_smile:

Great, another way to access the forum instead of completing another challenge… (But in all seriousness, diolch–I didn’t realize the app I have been using was the old one. New app installed, one challenge already completed, and replying via the app. How does one say, “well done, you!” yn y Gymraeg?)

There are no plans. I like my standalone web browser.

Feel free to convince me otherwise though!

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Hehe … Why I have a strong feeling this would be a hard task. :smiley:

Well, I actually prefer to go on the forum on my PC though but have asked anyway due to difficulties I’ve once described in this post.

I’ve been doing this too long for that old “don’t worry if it’s too difficult for you” trick to work on me :slight_smile:

I suspect that you’d still have the same issues if the forum was available inside the app, because it’s the same web browser that you’re already using when you browse on your tablet.


da iawn ych di (would be my gess).

Cheers J.P.

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“Da iawn ti!” actually on the south side of the “street” :slight_smile: (if this is someone you know …)

The day we are talking Welsh across a street will be very special indeed.

Bydd y diwrnod dan ni’n sôn Cymraeg ar draws y stryd fod yn arbennig iawn yn wir.

Cheers J.P.


This is awesome, diolch yn fawr iawn! I love the new interface :smile:
Only one thing… does it only support Course1 at the moment? I can’t see a way to select other courses.

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Swipe sideways :slight_smile:

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Gwich! I knew it would be something simple that I should have been able to work out for myself :laughing:

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