New group to speak Welsh in Huddersfield

There is now a small group meeting for Welsh conversation in Huddersfield. We have decided to meet once a month at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon in the cafe in Beaumont Park.
We have held only one meeting so far and will put a schedule of dates here when we get established. In the meantime please leave a message here for us if you are interested.


Just tagging @Deborah-SSi here so that she will see this and be able to include it in the email :sunny:

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Excellent news, do let me know when the next meeting is planned, can be emailed on - - pob lwc!

Next meeting is on Sunday, 12 April at 2:00pm.
I like the way that ‘My gandmother went to market and bought …’ worked. The constant repetition helped enormously in getting new words to stick. Maybe we could limit the new vocabulary by replacing ‘market’ with ‘butcher’? Then we can buy, say, sausages or pork sausages or pork and apple sausages according to how adventurous we are feeling.
See you there!


Same again this month. Sunday, 10 May.


Unfortunately, I can’t make most Sundays, but will hopefully be able to join you one day :slight_smile:

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Well, we ended up going to the greengrocers for fruit and vegetables which has considerably widened our vocabulary to include grapes, cauliflowers and turnips!

Just four of us there but I for one have a headful of new words.

How about doing the same thing next time to buy clothes? That way it will also form an extension for those who will have been to the Leeds meeting in between.

Next Huddersfield meeting is on 14 June.
- Meet at the cafe in Beaumont Park at 2:00pm

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We would be very pleased to see you. The Huddersfield group started as an off-shoot of the Leeds group and is still smaller. Most of those who meet in Huddersfield also go to the Leeds group but the two groups are independent. However, topics are co-ordinated between the two so there is extension and reinforcement of the Welsh while avoiding duplication.


Is the Huddersfield meet up still going?

The next Huddersfield meeting is on 14 June.
- Meet at the cafe in Beaumont Park at 2:00pm

The topic for next meeting is the clothes we wear. Choosing them, buying them, making them, wearing them, washing them, mending them, anyting to do with clothes.


How did the meetup go? Are you all experts on discussing clothing in Welsh now? :smile:

Well, yes, we have swatted it up but no, no-one came!

Paid a becso! It can take a little while to get groups off the ground. Some people need time to work up the courage to go along, but once they do they become enthusiastic participants. And you had lots of practice! Do you have a date for the next one?

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Dates for the rest of this year are:
14 June,
12 July,
9 August,
13 September,
11 October,
15 November
and, possibly, 13 December.

We meet from 2:00pm onwards in the cafe in Beaumont Park, Huddersfield.

If we get some good weather we could go out into the park which should create more topics of conversation as the plants and the views are rather special.


Well, I have stuck with it for three months now (June, July and August) without anyone else turning up even when they said they intended to come.
Let’s hear what you think about it. Who is still interested? Do we need to run it in a diffrent way or should we just close it?

Oh, sorry you’ve had a bad experience with this, Raymond, and thank you for all your efforts trying to get it off the ground :star:

I’m guessing the October meetup wasn’t a goer either sadly. I’ll remove this meetup from the weekly email.

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Thank you. I’m getting ideas together to attempt a revival in a different form seeing as the people are there but not coming together.

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Dwi newydd ffeindio post hyn…

Cyfarfod y fyny yn Parc Beaumont yn wych i mi (chwaer o fy nghariad yn byw jyst y lawr y lôn). Ond fyddwn i ddim wedi dod o gwbl - achos pob dyddau ar y rhestr, o’n i’n brysur rhwyle arall.

Dyna ein problem ni, dwi’n meddwl. Mae’n fel heidio cathod…!

(Sorry, since Bwtcamp Gogledd earlier this year, my challenge to myself is always to think of q&a yn Gymraeg.) I think I said, yn Saesnaeg:

Meeting up in Beaumont Park is great for me (my girlfriends sister lives just down the road). However, I would not have come to any of the dates at all, because all of the days on the list I was busy elsewhere. This is our problem I think - its like herding cats!

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S’mae Rob! Gest ti amser da yng Ngwyl Rhif 6?!.. :sunny: