New Group in Kent

I am trying to set up a new Group in Kent as I cant currently find anything active. I thought that Maidstone might be a good place to meet as it is pretty central for everyone.


Helo Marcus. I onced lived in Maidstone, and back then there were quite a few suitable venues for meets in the town.
I did once hold one of the ‘Rochester’ meets at The Brenchley on Bank Street on a Thursday evening. Only 2 or 3 of us attended, but it was quiet enough in there to hold a meet at the time (It had not long opened!). I should imagine it’s a lot busier there now! Another place I met with another speaker was The White Rabbit on Stacey’s Street (now a Miller & Carter Steakhouse).
Having not lived there for 7 years now I’m not sure what the offerings are now, but I agree it’s a nice place to hold a meet.

I live near Gravesend and would be interested in joining such a group

Please join us in this facebook group

Marcus - Hi and I’m interested although very time limited so may only be able to make it once a month or so. I’m in East Sussex but only just (outside Tunbridge Wells). Maidstone works - takes me 45 mins so absolutely fine. Have just applied to join your Facebook Group so will watch out for more info on that.

Hi, I’m in a village just south of Ashford. I’ve been learning less than a year so this might be too advanced for me. I also don’t really drive much so Maidstone might be a stretch, but interested to keep in touch anyway.

I would say join the group as you might see other people in your town.

Hi Marcus, I live in Tonbridge and would be very interested in meeting up. Maidstone would work for me. Or Tonbridge!! Jan

Should have said I don’t do Facebook as I object to it, so would much appreciate if people could keep us posted on here too.

Ok the next meet up, I will add to this thread.

Hi Jan, (or is it Jane?)

I’m quite new to learning (well, about 260 days on Duolingo but also doing the entry level Dysgu Cymraeg course with the University of Aberystwyth so learning the gogledd.) Anyway, I am in Paddock Wood so very near to you! More than happy to have a chat sometime!
All the best,



That would be great! I’ll message you.


Hi Sue,

Did you get a message?


Hi, I’m in Sevenoaks. Is there any way to join this group without joining Facebook?

Have you seen this query @MarcusWhitfield ?