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Hello everyone i’m a new member here and i hope to further my knowledge of the Welsh language at this site. Have already learned the ‘Day one’ words but i’m not sure about their spelling so won’t type out what they are. Shall have to dig out my Welsh dictionary. Pob hwyl


Welcome @colin-9.
I wouldn’t worry about the spelling at the moment. Just talk, and the spelling can come later. When you start the regular challenges, you will find a vocabulary list for each one. This can come in handy if you are not quite sure what you have been hearing.
Pob hwyl,


Ah now, I struggle with that. I can only learn if I can picture exactly what I’m saying and get very frustrated with the course when words are slipped in that haven’t been given in the vocabulary. I need that visual image of a word to be able to learn it. I guess everyone is different. I think it’s why I’m really finding this course a challenge as, the further on I get, the less visual clues are given and the less I understand. I’m on lesson 22 of level one now and think I will maybe take a good long break to consolidate level one, before moving on to the next stage. Feeling very much like I’ve lost the plot altogether at the moment!

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Hello and welcome Colin.

Hi Selina,

I would strongly advise against taking time out when you finish level one.

The level ends with what amounts to a revision lesson which we are advised to repeat every fortnight or so - that really works to consolidate what you have learnt and keep it fresh whilst you move on.

Feeling that you have lost the plot is a feeling that comes and goes throughout the course, I’m afraid, but as Aran says “trust the process”.


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Thanks Rob, I appreciate your advice and it’s good to know that it probably isn’t going to be as overwhelming as I expected. I’m sure you’re right and I just need to hang on in there and not worry so much. Diolch yn fawr.

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Im feeling much the same, on challenge 23 L1,sometimes when they do an old sentence it makes me feel better because i have remembered it, but i almost want to start again just to properly seat in what we have covered before moving forward.

Hi Coral

I’ve just finished challenge 23 L1 and, like you say, it felt good to have some old stuff thrown in that almost came to mind without having to think about it - unlike the rest of the lesson, lol. This week, it’s challenge 24 and we have to write another 5 linking sentences - it’s now Friday and I’ve still drawn a blank! I don’t have a lot of time to give to the learning, so do struggle to keep up. Have to admit I hardly ever find time to do the double speed listening exercise, let alone remember to read the last 5 sentences every morning and evening. I always feel as if I’m struggling to keep up - took on far more than I’d expected, but, hey, we’ll get there, I’m sure. Feel like a naughty kid sometimes who hasn’t done their homework!!

Hello, I’m Ruth, I’ve very slowly got to Level 1 Challenge 4! Hopefully this will keep me sane for the rest of lockdown, I have a few chances to practise speaking when we visit South Pembs each month. Can’t wait for the next opportunity. Thanks all.

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