New drowning learner

Recently bought Aran’s High-Intensity language learning and signed on for the first 5 Spanish challenges.
I am also learning Welsh with SSIW and go by the name of bigbobwales.I have had a brief dabble in SSIW in Spanish in the past albeit briefly. This time I am going to give it a go and just completed the first two challenges.
Compared to Welsh I found it very hard going, possibly because being a Welshman I already was familiar with a lot of Welsh phrases etc.
Trying to understand the Spanish pronunciation was the hardest bit, I sounded at times like a demented parrot!.
I feel I want to go back over the first two lessons, but will try to avoid doing so, and struggle on to the end of the five as recommended by Aran.
I will let you know how I have progressed at the end.
Wish me luck


Hi Bob, lovely to see you on the site again! Hope you’re keeping well… :slight_smile:

Yes, don’t worry - push on through, make plenty of mistakes - you can always go back for another run later on… :slight_smile:

Hi Bob, lovely to see you on the site again!

Same from me, Bob. Dw i’n edrych ymlaen dy weld ti eto cyn bo hir. :smile:
Pob lwc / Buena suerte gyda’r Sbaeneg.

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Welcome back Bob!

And yes, do the 5 lesson thing, and don;t worry about the pronunciation - it’ll always sound wierd to you to start with. Have you ever listened to rally coverage of Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya, world rally cahmpions about 15 years or so ago? What a pairing, but what a delivery from Moya.

Take a look at this for instance:

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Hola Bob,
Wishing you best of luck with your Spanish studies! I was drowning too, but now
I am dog paddling along. Will be swimming soon.:swimmer: The lessons are great, and it takes time
and patience and consistent study. Aran’s program is excellent and well structured.
It is assisting me a lot with speaking Spanish…please keep us updated on your progress!

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Just completed the first 5 challenges and my brain feels somewhat confused . Some of the sentences were just too long to remember and it was hard going.
On times I was spouting absolute rubbish along with a few swear words.but, at odd times in the day, some of the phrases are beginning to be remembered.
I will give my brain a rest for a day or two, then perhaps I will revisit challenge one and two.
Thanks to Aran,Hewrop, Iestyn and JoanieN for the welcome and encouragement,

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along with a few swear words

I have a great memory of you as one of the “Magnificent Saith” shouting a choice piece of Welsh vernacular out of the Tresaith canolfan window at a passing Dewi Pws. :laughing:

Being able to swear competently in a foreign language is a good mark of fluency in my opinion. I understand that Spanish has plenty of choice. :smiley:

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Yup, both of these things are true for everyone!

One suggestion - when you’re ready for another shot, try revisiting challenge 5 before you do 1 or 2… :slight_smile:

Excuse me for butting in but I have some trouble finding an english interlocutor for an exchange via FaceTime o Skype and improve my speaking.
Spanish is my mother tongue and I can help you with your pronunciation. And I need you to help me with my English though.
By the way, I did the Curso 1 in SaySomethingInEnglish and there is no Curso 2. It was great anyway.
Thank you.

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We’re going to be publishing an updated English course (initially through the medium of Spanish) fairly early next year, if all goes according to plan… :slight_smile:

I hope you find someone in here willing to do an intercambio (although we don’t have a huge number of Spanish learners just yet)…

Thank you for answering.
I look forward to doing the updated English course.
I’m starting to find interlocutors using several portals at the same time.
In Spanish we say “el trabajo da sus frutos” and I don’t know the equivalent in English. It would be sth like “hard work ends up bearing some fruits”
Thank you

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There is a similar phrase - ‘the fruits of your labour’ - claro que te merece! :slight_smile:

I studied Welsh with SSIW and found it great. I used the intensive method. I am now improving my Welsh by coffee mornings etc. and looking at books for Welsh learners at home. I thought now was the time to learn a third language. Yesterday I did challenges 1 to 5 on the intensive method, as I understand it I just bashed on with no pause button. One major problem was that after the English word or sentance the Welsh leapt into my mind and I was therefore almost working in three languages. I assume this will go. No learning today or tomorrow but back after two days for my brain to digest. I think at the moment I only learn one word in Spanish. Therefor tomorrow I will go over challenge one again to see if I did learn more. Wish me luck. Any tips. Conrad

How can I change my nameafter big C in circle to just Conrad. Dont like formality

I think I can probably change it for you - but that will mean that you need to log in as Conrad next time - so I’ll just wait for you to confirm you’d like me to change it, and that you’re ready for the log in change…:slight_smile:

With the Spanish - yes, you’ll get bits of interference, but as you get used to being back in the saddle, the Spanish will come more and more easily. It’s common to think you haven’t learnt much with the intensive approach (because it feels out of control) but I would be very, VERY surprised if you really have only learnt one word when you try 1 again…:wink:

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