New Daily 10-Question Quiz with S4C

This is for those of you who have started reading Welsh - a mobile app which gives you 10 questions each day with multiple choice answers.

It appears the forum software can’t produce a preview but the link should work.

I’ve used this quiz software in another language and it’s lots of fun. If it works the same way, you can play as an individual and just try to beat your own score each week, or you can form teams and have a little friendly competition.

How about an SSiW team? :slight_smile:


I’d be interested if it were available on the website, but I don’t want yet another app on my phone.

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Same here, @margarethall .

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Thanks for this @Deborah-SSi

I’ve been cheeky and started a group …

Wyt ti eisiau ymuno â’r grŵp SSiW yn y gêm Cwis Bob Dydd? Cwis Bob Dydd | S4C

Click on that link to go to the group or use the code 712338.

I was thinking of starting one myself, but great that you’ve done it @gruntius! I’ve joined you :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing this in Basque for over a year now and the questions are pretty similar, especially the international ones, though they’re adapted for Cymru of course.

I’m quite hopeless in the Basque version, though I’ve found I’m actually not bad at guessing when I get questions like “Who is this TV presenter?” and I haven’t a clue as I never watch TV. :rofl:

Some are general knowledge though, and some are easy things like being shown a grid with 3 different types of animals and you have to choose which animal appears the most, or the least. It makes you pay attention to those words in your target language.

I hope we get a few more in the team! To join, click on Grwpiau at the bottom, then the + symbol, then “Côd ymuno” and enter the code Gruntius posted above. Croeso i bawb!!

Sorry if I trod on your toes, i didn’t intend starting one but I kind of just kept clicking. :roll_eyes:

I’ve also started a group for a bunch of us that chat regularly. It’s very easy to use.

I’ve only done today’s quiz, obviously, but I really enjoyed it and am already looking forward to tomorrow’s. My scores won’t be high but that doesn’t bother me at all. :grinning:

Not at all! I thought some people might be more relaxed about joining a group if it were started by someone other than a SSiW employee :laughing:

I generally don’t score very highly either, but from what I’ve seen here - if you consistently don’t score that well, it gives you easier questions, so even if you’re in the same group with others, you may not all get the same questions. It sort of gives you a handicap if you’re not that good at it :joy:

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