New Cylch Siarad/ Welsh Conversation Group starting in London

New Cylch Siarad/ Welsh Conversation Group starting at the London Welsh Centre, Gray’s Inn Road, fortnightly, Monday afternoons 1.30pm-3.30pm 6 July (date to be confirmed). Please come!


One for the email, @Deborah-SSi? :sunny:

Annwyl Delyn,

Allwch chi rhoi fi ar y rhestr ebost am y cylch siarad prynhawn dyddau llun.plis? .


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Annwyl Delyn,
Os bydd y dyddiad yn iawn, bydda i yno am y Cylch Siarad brynhawn Llun.


Helo Dafydd,

Bydd hi’n dda iawn i gwrdd a chi!

Helo Rhisiart,

Does dim rhestr ebost am y Sgwrs a Phaned Dydd Llun sy’n dechrau 6 Gorffenaf. Sori.! Ond gobeithio dych chi’n gallu fynd!



About 15 people met in the London Welsh centre on Monday, in the bar upstairs (which was closed in the afternoon!). Some knew each other, some didn’t. Some are learning at the City Lit in London, some with SSIW, some by other means. It was a great afternoon, with the language flowing, or coming out haltingly, but inspiring to all of us. I’ll make it my business to be there when I’m next in London.

Next meetings are 20 July, 10 August, 24 August and September 7.

At the moment those are the only dates as the City Lit people wanted to meet to talk over the summer. However, if enough people commit to a fairly regular attendance then the group could continue. I’ve often thought that there is a gap in the SSIW or SSIW plus meetups in London. A lot of people live there, surely some of them love the language of heaven. A lot more go to London occasionally and could go once in a while. One chap there spends half his time in London, half in Abertawe, I’ve been in London at least once a month in the past year.

Delyn is the contact.

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Thanks, Margaret. Yes, it was very succesful, and benefited from having you, an experienced SSiW-er, there. It was good publicity for SSiW too! Many thanks to all who came, lovely to meet you, and hope to see you all next time.

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