New chat group in Ross-on-Wye

This may be of interest to people near Ross (e.g. Monmouth, Hereford, Forest of Dean)

Thanks for flagging this up. I went…it was great to meet some other learners and speakers. There were about 12 people there, which wasn’t bad for a first time. The group’s going to meet up on the first Saturday of each month - which is also the day the church has its big coffee morning and there’s a street market in fhe town, so lots of reasons to go to Ross!

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Glad it was a success - here’s hoping the momentum keeps going! Always good to hear of new groups in my old patch :slight_smile:

Is there adequate parking there?

Well, there’s a bit around the church, but it’s busy (it’s on the same day as the church’s monthly coffee morning, which is quite well attended in its own right). But Ross isn’t that big a place, and the town centre car parks are only a few minutes walk. Ross does have a one way system though so it can be easier to park up than try to navigate right to the door anyway!

Is the group meeting this Saturday or is it postponed because of the Coronation?

Great to hear. That town was Welsh culturally in medieval times

Ross on Wye used to be Welsh speaking until the 1400s can you believe.

It was originally called “Rhosan ar wy”.
I have a relative called Ross. The name has similar etymology to Rhos/Rhosan