New Cardiff Group - Roath Tuesday Evenings

I don’t really know anything about this - I just saw it on a friend’s Facebook page.


Okay, I’ll give it a go, I suppose I can listen to Georgia Ruth’s show tomorrow

No Welsh chat, but good beer and fine English chat…I might try again next week!

Oh cr*p…

Sorry about that mêt.


Thought it would be useful to support such initiatives early!, perhaps too early!


Perhaps if a few more SSiWers go along you can start a language trend :wink:

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I’ve just got back from a truly inspirational evening. Could this be put into the weekly e-mail? whomever does such things, is it you @Deborah-SSi ?
There were about 15 people there and a lively enthusiastic group. SSiW was of course plugged heavily!

The intention is not merely to be a chat group but to organise activities. Tonight was a simple word association game going around the circle. It got everyone involved and talking and everyone learning new words.
There were absolute beginners and fluent people and everywhere in-between and excellent beer in a really friendly pub. So if you are in Cardiff of a Tuesday night come along!

The most interesting group and perhaps a generally neglected group were the lapsed fluent speakers. These people had gone through Welsh language education and are fluent, they read, write and listen to 1st language standard, but they lacked speaking experience and being a few years after school had lost of the habit of speaking Welsh. I’m sure with a regular practice these people are going to fly!


That sounds brilliant! I will definitely give it a bit of publicity in the weekly email.

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I might give it a go too! were there lots of people on their own?

Do you need any more information? The ‘Andrew Buchan Bar’ is on Albany Road in Roath


Was Dan the bassist from 9Bach there? He lives just round the corner.

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He was!

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It was another enjoyable night in Roath. Around 15 people at all sorts of levels. We even had two people fresh out of bwtcamp and even more stars of the Cymraeg music scene.


Hishev and Silvi da iawn. I was hoping to go last night but something cropped up. Not sure about next week but will definitely call in soon. Da iawn pawb. :sunglasses:

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Is this still going on @Y_Ddraig_Las ? I heard a rumour that it had stopped.

I haven’t been for a long time.

It never really got enough momentwm to keep going but I have been back a few times recently and thereare usually a few Welsh speakers there.


Thanks for the update @colinwilliams-1 so there are speakers there but nothing formal for newbies you mean?

Yeah that’s pretty much it. I would be up for starting a group in the Roath/Penylan if you thought there might be interest.

I would definitely sometimes attend :grin:

Someone on the Monday night group chat says she went there last night to check it out and there was no one there but that the woman behind the bar said that two welsh speakers come in at 9 on a Tuesday. Such a shame as there were 20 people a week last summer. A staff member called John started it up if I remember correctly.

There’s still Monday night in Canton at the Chapter Arts Centre, and the one on a Wednesday in Adamsdown at Caffi Heddwch, in terms of weekly meetups in Cardiff not in work time. Not been able to the Wednesday one yet but looking forward to checking it out.