New booklet: How to start learning (Spanish) - beta readers?

Evenin’ all :sunny:

So, I’ve got a rough draft of the new booklet to help people who are starting to get to grips with learning another language - provisionally titled ‘The Tenderfoot’s Guide: How to Start Learning Spanish’.

If any of you would be up for beta reading it before it goes for sale on Kindle, I’d be hugely interested in your feedback - particularly if any of it leaves you feeling unclear about anything, or if you just think it’s missed anything important.

I’ll be - um - how do you ‘twtio’ something in English, for heaven’s sake?! - I’ll be fixing it to refer to Welsh as well in the near future - it’s pretty much a summary of all the different suggestions I’ve found myself making to new learners in the forum over the years (with the exception that this is for any learners, whether or not they’re learning with us) - so if you’re still fairly early in the process, you should even find some worthwhile ideas in it :sunny:

Here’s the link:

Diolch! :sunny:

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Oh, and I’ve just fixed it so that you can comment in the document itself as well as in here, in case that’s handy - for those lightning-fast early adopters I can already see in there! :thumbsup:

twtio - in English I’d probably ‘tweak’.

definitely not to be confused with ‘twerk’ :wink:

Ww, yes, nice, diolch :sunny:

Not too familiar with google docs here, so I just wanted to check - I had a go making some comments this morning, but they’re only visible to me when I log in to google, I hope? ie not visible to everyone? :confused:

They’re visible to me, Amy, and diolch o waelod calon for giving it such a close and careful read, which has/will have made it significantly better :star: :star2:

I’ve made some comments - my musings really.
@aran What do I do now? Just close the document?

Yes, absolutely - and thank you SO much for such detailed, thoughtful and helpful responses - you two have been absolutely golden beta readers :star2: :sparkle:

Aren’t there any ordinary booklets?..I don’t like or want Kindle.

S’mae Margaret?

I would think that the cost of publishing physical booklets is prohibitive. The ebook format is easy to produce and is distributable globally through the Amazon site, so is pretty much the best way of getting self published material out to a wide audience. By the way, you do not need an actual Kindle to read these ebooks, since free apps are availble for Andriod and Apple mobile devices, and for your Windows PC as well.



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Just left a quick comment of my own regarding Paul Noble’s courses

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Great, thanks for that, much appreciated :star: