New Blog Article : Speaking Welsh After 13 Months (and Eisteddfod, Cymdeithas, and being slow)

Hello s’mae pawb!

I hope it’s ok to share my own blog article here, I’m pleased to say I’ve finally caught up with the Welsh update I’ve been meaning to write.

Here is a big summary of what I’m like after 13/14 months, with shout outs to everyone I met at the Eisteddfod, and to the lovely @Mererid sydd wnes i gyfarfod yn Aberystwyth :slight_smile:

I also made a video but it’s been sitting there for months without an edit, so I think it’ll be time for a new one soon.


In your blog, you say:-

Welsh is real, mae’r Gymraeg yn go iawn!

It’s not a postcard language, and it’s not even a dying language.

Would you look at
this thread about the Senedd wanting input
It seems to me you have valuable input to give them!!

Thanks a lot for the feedback @henddraig! I wouldn’t be sure what I can tell the Welsh government except to be really stubborn about language rights!

I guess I was thinking that those ideas - Welsh is dying, Welsh is only useful for long names on stations to make tourists laugh - they need to be countered. Welsh needs some good publicity! Instead it gets rubbish like that found by @gavinM in a Mirror article. I’ll try to link here
click here to find it
I was hoping something in your experience could get across to those in Government!
p.s. Where do you live? If outside Wales, have you signed the petition for funding for S4C?

Yes, that kind of attitude can be very damaging to the Welsh language! The consultation is over unfortunately, though I’d happily go and tell them how wonderful it is that Welsh is alive. Coverage of the language in non-Welsh media can make a huge difference. Can you link to the petition? I live in England.

Invite sent! Diolch yn fawr!