New Beta feature in Duolingo Spanish - reading/listening comprehension

I’ve just seen today that Duolingo is introducing a reading/listening comprehension feature. It’s still in Beta, and it appears to be only available for Spanish and Portuguese, but it seems like a good way to expand your vocabulary and progress into reading.

The link is Duolingo Stories and below is an image of the first page.


Thank you for posting this Dee. I now use Duolingo daily to “warm up” my Spanish. I find even if I am busy,
can find a few minutes to do a few exercises. They also have an app on TinyCards for Spanish , which is a flash card app for vocabulary.
Here is the link:

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Yes, I use Duolingo for ‘reactivating’ my Spanish vocab, and SSi Spanish to give me practice when I’m out walking. I also watch the news in Spanish most days on my iPad while I’m having breakfast. It’s interesting to get a different slant on the news to what we usually see here.


Hi Dee, thank you for posting this.
I have a problem though. I can find the site with the sets, but I can’t open one of the stories. Do I have to enroll for a special course or register as Beta-tester ?

I didn’t have to do anything special to open them. Do you use Duolingo for Spanish at all?
I was just doing some Spanish revision and at the end of an exercise it suggested I might like to try the new Beta Stories, so I had a look.