New beginner

Hello I’m Soad
I’m a new learner from iraq actually, I was doing the welsh tree in duolingo and found your website there and so here I am?
It seems mostly everyone here is in wales…


Ahlaan yaa Soad, and welcome to the course - I think you might be our first learner in Iraq - but if you have a look at the map, you’ll see that we’ve got a pretty wide geographic spread:

Did you have a previous connection of some kind with Wales, or was a random discovery kind of thing? :slight_smile:

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Hi Soad,

You are not the only one fro the Middle East here!

Best of luck with your Welsh!


:sweat_smile:I read under Milk wood at the insistence of a Welshmen and I fell in love with the welsh, and the language is so beautiful I didn’t want it to pass me by
Thank you for the warm welcome, I really enjoy the lessons, sure I feel like I’ve run a mile afterwards but even running is fun😜