New app: Learn the National Anthem

Someone sent me a link to a brand-new app on the iTunes store ($3.99, in the US). Apparently it was created by the National Library of Wales, and it teaches how to sing the National Anthem, with a lot more features than most such apps/websites. The app’s description, with a link to the iTunes store at the bottom:

Do you want to learn to sing or pronounce the Welsh National Anthem?
You may even want to learn a harmony part: alto, tenor or bass. This brand new app, from the National Library of Wales and etoapps will help you. It will also give you an insight into the history of this wonderful and important song.
•Learn the correct pronunciation of the welsh words of Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau.
•The words can be practised/ imitated from appropriate slow speeds to the speed at which it is popularly sung.
•Practise in phrases or sentences. Start and stop points can be easily chosen and these sections can be repeated at the various speed until mastered.
•Learn to correctly sing the melody; you can choose Female Melody or Male Melody
•As a bonus individual harmony parts can be chosen and learnt: Alto, Tenor or Bass.
•Similar to learning the words the melody and each part can be practised in sections.
•Whilst learning your individual part you will have an instrumental accompaniment, your own part sung for you and eventually the other three parts for you to experience singing with others in harmony.
•Follow the music notation and words for each part which are shown on the screen with a real time Beat Counter appearing above the music. This will keep you in time as would a conductor. The words are also highlighted in their appropriate place.
•You don’t have to be able to read music to learn but you will have a better understanding of the music notation after singing with the App.
•The App also gives the history of the music, lyrics and composers, illustrating the wealth of the National Library of Wales’s collections.

This App will enable hundreds of thousands of Welsh men, women and children in Wales and those with Welsh roots throughout the world to sing Hen Wlad fy’n Nhadau with even more pride than they already do.

Has anybody used this yet? It sounds like a pretty serious piece of work - it’d be interesting to hear what people make of it…:smile:

Hi there, it started selling on Wednesday evening (UKTime) so even though its doing very well, we have not yet had any feedback ( positive or adverse!) but we will of course let you know.

The National Library of Wales will give the App a full Press Release on or around the 15th September, so you lucky people in the USA are the first to hear about it. I was keen to get the App out to all Welsh Societies USA, and of course to families and schools in Wales later this month.

The Android and Desktop versions are sitting in the wings and hopefully they will get their pubishing go ahead on 1st or 2nd September.

Robert Winter Ymarfwe yf, ceredigion, Wales.

Worthy as this is…anyone wishing to listen and see the Anthem in all its passionate glory just google in Max Boyce Pontypridd Anthem or similar and up it will come


Looking forward to the other versions.

Is Calon Lan next? :wink:

There’s another anthem app available via this Twitter account:

Or straight to:

I gather any profits go to the Wales Air Ambulance :sunny:

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I’ve had this app for ages! It teaches you the words phonetically as well as in Welsh, and gives the English translation too.
You can sing along to a piano arrangement or a guitar arrangement, and there’s one where the song is sung over a piano arrangement.
I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it wasn’t much I’m sure…

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