Never tried to learn a new language before

Is there any where on this forum that says what things are good to aid you learning a new language I.e writing certain things down having the alphabet at hand, as I have never tried to learn a new language before

There are lots of tips on here but they tend to be in lots of different threads, so there’s no ultra-simple way of locating them, although you can use the search for keywords like perhaps “learning aids” or “learning tips”.

Some of the most common ones are to ‘label’ things around the house with post-it notes, listen to and watch as much Welsh language media as you can (you won’t understand it to begin with but it’s worth doing anyway and pays off in the end), and to use whatever Welsh you’ve learnt as soon and as often as you can (again, you might not be able to say much but it’s really important to start sooner rather than later in order to build confidence). You can also combine SSiW with traditional classes or things like Duolingo.

But the biggest tip of all, is keep it fun, keep it something you really want to do, and don’t worry about making mistakes - they’re an essential (and unavoidable!) huge part of the learning process :slight_smile: