Needing practice to read

Hello pawb/people … my welsh has so improved in oral speech I can hold conversation and very comfortable with it … but recently I had a memo in work and it was in welsh … and boy I struggled to read it … this got me thinking of how I can improve my reading in welsh … I am dyslexic and I can read in English … but as for reading and writing in welsh should I take up a course in writing and reading as I want to be able to read the word and pronounce it correctly

I wouldn’t think you’d need it - best bet would just be to choose a book you might find interesting and start working your way through it. As you start to match the written words to your knowledge of the spoken language, you’ll start to pick up a gradually improving ear for how to pronounce the new words that you meet… :slight_smile:

And llongyfarchiadau for having done so excellently with your spoken Welsh! :star2: :dizzy:

There are some nice books that follow the levels of classes and have vocab at the bottom of the pages. Ffenestri is one such book.

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