Need speaking practice Washington DC area

I’m on Level 1 Challenges 20/21(south) and would love to find a patient person to practice speaking which is most definitely my weak spot! Though actually anyone in the eastern US could work for now, because in this pandemic situation I still need to do all my “meetings” via FaceTime or zoom! Anyone at a similar stage and would like to practice? Otherwise I’ll just have to keep speaking at my 2 cats who definitely are not keeping up with their Welsh learning!

Try asking in the WSP group on Slack, Sara - there is even a special channel for people in the US to help with time-zone issues!

Thanks, Siaron – but I can’t remember how to access Slack now?? Sorry to be so dim!

Are you already a member? There are two groups on Slack, the 6/6 group for tutor support for those on the structured courses (which you’ll have got an invite to if you’re on one of those - i.e. the 6-minute-a-day or the 6-month course), but for the WSP group, if you’re not already a member you’ll need an invite - if you need an invite, you can ask for one from
Once you’re in the WSP group on Slack, if you click on “channels”, you’ll see a list of extra channels you can join, and “The Americas” is one of those.

Thank you again, Siaron! I thought I had joined as I’m doing the 6-minute-a-day course, but it seems not (or something has gone wrong with it, I’m such a techno-boob) so I have asked for another invitation. It’ll get sorted out one way or another now!

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