Need Speaking Practice Partner

Hello there, I am currently on Level 2 challenge 9 and am in need of a practice partner.
Problem being, due to sever pain caused by arthritis I am not particularly reliable to be there evey week!
Due to this I have ‘lost’ 2 partners already. Is there anyone out there who could put up with my inconsistancies??

Hi @lorraine-watson, I am wondering which flavour of Welsh you are learning? North or South? I am learning Northern Welsh as I live in North Wales, just south of the A5. Although I have been learning for a while and reached the end of Level 2 (well, perhaps not having done everything to the end :wink:) I have just started learning again in order to refresh my memory and ability with the aim of getting onto Level 3 or ‘The Deep End’ as I believe it is called. Although I live in a Welsh-speaking village the pandemic has caused some problems and I had hoped to get consistant chats with neighbours but it’s not been possible.
So, I could be willing to have a go - especially if you are speaking Northern Welsh, although I could probably get the gist of some of the Southern dialect too. I am English.

I am learning the southern dialect as I hope to live in south Wales when i retire as i have some very good friends living there. I too am English

I’m probably not the best bet then… I would think that you will want to be as accurate as possible with the Southern dialect.
Just a thought - you don’t seem to be on the Welsh Speaking Practice channel on Slack? That would be a better place to post your request for a partner. Contact @Deborah-SSi and request that she sets you up for that channel.
I hope that you find the right person soon.

I’m learning Welsh southern dialect and would be happy to chat with you. I have family commitments which sometimes make it difficult but I am willing to give it a try.

I have a feeling that your comment was addressed to @lorraine-watson?

@lorraine-chicken I am available most evenings providing my pain allows me to concentrate! when would it be most convenient for you ?

I am on Level 2 southern Welsh and need a practice partner for the 10 minute sentence exchange. I’m not a confident speaker and would be very happy to someone else who is also not very confident.

I am also on level 2 and have not had anyone to practice with for a while so am not a confident speaker, I would like to practice with you. Please be aware though that I can be a little unreliable due to arthritis pain! if this is ok with you please feel free to contact me any time.

Hello Lorraine, I’ve just reached level 5 and am struggling a bit, but enjoying it very much – but I need a partner too! I’m in Carmarthen, where quite a lot of Welsh is spoken, and I listen to as much as I can but I’m still too timid to jump into the deep end myself!

I have just completed level 2 and revising before advancing further. however I feel speaking
to someone at a more advanced level will help me enormously. so long as you don’t mind my mistakes!!
please note i do not have a webcam, so it will be sound only.

Hi Lorraine, thanks for the note. I’m only a few weeks into the course myself, so I’m fumbling along, getting there, i think, but v e r y slowly. Were you thinking of Skype, then, to converse?

I have Skype and I believe it’s free, so that would be a bonus, would it not?

When would be the most convenient time for you to start working on it? I’m semi-retired, so fairly free most of the time, but afternoons and early evenings tend to be my busier times.
Looking forward to hearing from you - literally! -

Hello again
Would once a week be ok with you? I am not working at the moment due to my arthritis. So anytime is ok, providing it isnt early morning, weekdays are better for me.
i have got skype, but dont use it much, so am a bit rusty with it. i am sure i can manage though.

Hi Lorraine, that sounds like the beginnings od a possible plan. I usually get to the desk at around 10 or 10.30 in the mornings. Would that be okay for you? Any weekdays are fine for me, and I don’t mind how long the sessions last - I usually go on for about the 40 odd minutes you get in the session - sometimes longer, as I’m a bit slow! I have Skype. Do you need my email address?

10-10.30 would be fine, I am having my kitchen rebuilt at the moment but it should be completed by the end of next week. Maybe start on the first week of September, maybe the first Monday? I’m not sure about starting up a skype meeting! but I am sure you would be able to add me in somehow!
It takes me about the same time to get through a session though I often break it down to more manageable bits sizes when I am in pain.

okay Lorraine, let’s go for the beginning of September. I’ll have one of my sons staying with me so if we started at, say 10am we’d have finished around the time he’d be getting up (!)

Schmae Timothy
Looks like I wont be able to make it tomorrow, still got the builders in! will be too noisy for me to concentrate. Should be finished by next week though. Fingers crossed they will be finished later this week hopefully!
Start next Monday 10 am??

Helo Lorraine. I am also learning Southern and have just completed level 2 challenge 9. I am pretty inconsistent with timings too due to a rather mobile life-style so it seems we would need to be patient with each other’s inconsistencies!! My spoken Welsh practice is virtually nil so perhaps we can try a session this weekend or towards the end of next week, to see if it works for us both. If you want to liaise by email, mine is

Hello Gill,
Sorry i havn’t been in touch, I have been in a lot of pain, so hav’nt been online.
it seems we can both be inconsistant, so i am sure we can understand and be patient with each other.
i too have virtually no spoken Welsh practice.
my email is