Need/like/want north&south

Words for ‘like’ ‘want’ and ‘need’ are confusing. I have attempted a summary below;

              North     /     South 

WANT - eisau / yn moyn
NEED - angen / eisau
LIKE - lico / hoffwn

The Welsh speakers that I know Mid Wales tend to use ‘eisau’ for want and ‘angen’ for need. Duolingo also uses ‘eisau’ to mean want.

I’m confused by the use of ‘eisau’ for need in SSiW’s south version, as in the north version the same word means ‘need’

I know you are going to say that it doesn’t really matter and people will know what I mean. But it will make a difference when I record, and its an extra challenge in trying to recall the appropriate words that I want to say.

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yes, this can be confusing to begin with. The trick is, whether north or south, to use what you prefer (or what those around you use), and just keep the alternatives in the back of your mind so that when you do come across others using them, you won’t be completely thrown by it.

It’s only really a rule of thumb that you’ll only hear eisiau / angen / licio in the north and moyn / eisiau / hoffi in the south - there are plenty of northern speakers down South and southern speakers up North, and yes, generally everyone knows what everyone else means through context, so choose the ones that are simplest for you and stick with those (even if the voice on the lesson says the other version!).