Need help please

Problem can’t download the tourist course.
What can I do. Please help. T
Diolch Meic.

Hi Meic - when you say you can’t download it - what is actually happening when you click on a tourist lesson in the navigation? :slight_smile:

Well Aran., when I tap onto the cloud button to download the lesson there is no response it just doesn’t load. Which is surprising because level 1 and 2 downloaded very quickly. So basically none of the tourist lessons will download no matter how many times I touch the download button.
Thanks Meic

That sounds as though you’re describing something in the app - is that right? Or are you using a desktop?

I think this may be that you haven’t purchased the tourist course, and will need to do that on the website and then log in on the app to be able to download from the app… :slight_smile: