Need and want

Hi, I keep getting mixed up in level 1 challenge 3 and say "Ma isie I fi when it should be “dw i’n moyn” or the other way round. Is there any reason why I cannot say “dw i’n angen…” as I Find “ma isie I fi” a bit of a mouthful. Diolch,

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I’m glad this has cropped again. Some questions merit repeating. I am still stumped as a Southern speaker to say in Welsh, I want another pint but I don’t need another pint - not that that often crops up. :wink:


No, not at all - any time you have a different preference, go with what you feel comfortable saying… :slight_smile: [But do make that ‘dwi angen’, not ‘dwi’N angen’ - angen, like eisiau, doesn’t take the yn :slight_smile: ]

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Isn’t that just the beauty of Welsh: concepts such as “I don’t need another pint” just don’t exist


Diolch Aran. This is what makes SSIW so special. I don’t need to get everything exactly correct because people will still understand. So I could probably say “ma’ isie I fi fynd I’r dre” neu “dw I angen i fynd i’r dre” or even perhaps “rhaid i fi fynd i’r dre” people would still get my meaning.


Exactly so :slight_smile: :star2: :thumbsup: