Need and need to

Please translate ‘Do you need?’ and ‘Do you need to?’ Thank you!

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Are you doing North or South Welsh? (Because this is one occasion when there is a difference between the two).


South Welsh

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Could you provide some more context? I don’t really see a difference, but both questions seem to be incomplete.
I’d translate both as Oes eisiau i ti? for south, and Wyt ti angen? for north.


Do you need to speak welsh?
Do you need a book?

Oes eisiau i ti siarad cymraeg?

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Oes eisiau i ti llyfr?

Yes, your suggestions seem spot on for singular informal you

I see what you are driving at…yes the situation could be described as a bit fiddly … with this construct you would use ‘ar’ if you need a ‘thing’ versus ‘i’ if you need ‘to do something’…

Oes eisiau llyfr arnot ti ?

Do you need a book ? ( is there a need for a book on you?)

Rich :slight_smile:


May I ask another question that follow on from the original. I know that “dw i’n moyn” is I want to and “mae eisiau i fi” is I need to, so what does “dw i eisiau” mean or is it wrong?

“dw i eisiau” is how you’d say “I want” in the North, so it’s not wrong, just a different way of saying it.

Goodness that was quick. Diolch yn fawr Siaron.

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