Neath area

I am just about to move from Carmarthen area to Neath. I did join the Carmarthen group until I became ill but on the mend now and keen to get back into things. Any groups meeting in Neath area?

Hi @MikeH . Glad to hear you are getting better. @owainlurch is the contact for a weekly meeting in Swansea. Might that be what you are after?

Hello Mike, I will be in Neath for a couple of months soon. I was planning to go to the Swansea group while I’m there. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Great. Anyone know details of the Swansea group? Where, when etc

The Swansea group used to meet every month at The Brunswick Arms in Duke Street, Swansea, but have disbanded for a while because of work commitments. I’m sure that they will be happy to regroup for pre-arranged meetings if you request it though. The man to ask about this is @owainlurch .

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I still have this in the weekly email:

Abertawe - Weds nights, 8:00 to 9:30, The Brunswick Arms, Duke St, SA1 4HS (Contact Owain (Lurch))

Are you saying that’s not right now? Do I need to remove it?

I read a while back (possibly February or March) that the regular meetings won’t be happening as much due to work commitments, but I may have misquoted. I doubt it is a permanent arrangement as I’m sure I read that if we contact the group they will be happy to arrange a meet of some kind. You will need to check this with Owain about it though.

Thanks. I’ve sent him a PM to double check.

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Taset ti’n trefnu cyfarfod yn Nedd baswn i’n mynd :grinning:
Dwi’n byw ar ben Glynnedd.

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Hi. Hoping ok to revive this topic, as I feel that a “Skewen” topic might not reach a wide enough audience :slight_smile:
Anyway, Dw’i wrth fy modd/I’m chuffed that my village of Skewen is putting on Welsh stuff now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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You from Skewen?! I had a couple of friends from Skewen when I was at college. At least, I think they were friends - I never understood a word either of them said… :wink:

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Ha ha, I only understand my work mate on a good day & we’ve been working together for at least 5 years.

Anyway there are at least 6 Welsh venues around her now that I know of, plus plenty of friends who I have rumbled as being 1st language speakers. Also Welsh schools opening up in apparently English speaking areas. I feel so confident about the future :slight_smile:

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