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This can’t be a new topic but is there a navigation guide for using the forum and if so where is it please? I’ve been prodding around finding really interesting things, losing threads and at times not being able to retrace. I came across an article re. how to exclude topics which may not be of immediate interest etc. etc., lost the thread and can’t remember the ‘how to’s’. I do remember in the FAQ’s an instruction not to sign posts (which I have done). I shall desist.

@tatjana has got a lot of good stuff on this - should be in a pinned topic somewhere, if you go the the top level (click on ‘Welsh’ just up to the left there) - at the top of the list of topics…

Thank you @aran to bring my attention to this.

@trevorellis, here is more or less everything you need to know. Surely something is still missing and varies a bit as I’d have to update some guides, but it’s still (at least I think and hope it is) highly useful. There is a link to list of useful stuff in the list also.

Pob hwyl!


Thanks Aran for progressing my query. Much appreciated.

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Hi Tatjana, thank you for the link and for the valuable efforts that you obviously contribute to the site. It’s encouraging to find so many members happily taking time to contribute to helping others in their endeavours.