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Hello. I receive everyday a mail for a day lesson. If I follow this link there is no way to navigate to the challenge series I like to follow. Besides this the links above don’t work anymore after login (I made a separate item on this forum)

Helo @gerardus-van-soest ,

Here is the answer I gave you on the other thread:

It’s possible to leave the One Sentence taster and start on the Challenges if you wish. You just need to sign up for the 6 Minutes a Day course and you’ll be on that one. If you have any problems, email and we’ll help you there.

Once you start on the Challenges, then the 1 Sentence Taster is cancelled and you can’t go back. It’s just a taster of the method used in the Challenges, so once you’re on those, you know what the method is like and you don’t need the taster.