National Centre for Learning Welsh

I have found the document stating the aims etc. of this, which basically is to ensure adults can easily and enjoyably learn Welsh.The need to use technology is mentioned and the internet is specified, but all seems geared to regular lessons in some building somewhere! Getting opinions from teachers is mentioned. So @aran, @Iestyn has anyone from this organisation asked your opinions? I haven’t read every word yet, but, so far, no sign of mention of SSiW
I have realised they are cooperating with/plugging duolingo! Oh, dear!

We talk to them from time to time, and it’s my understanding that they’ll be linking to us from their new portal.

Don’t knock Duolingo too much - it’s only through a “what next?” kind of post on a Duolingo Welsh thing that I ever heard of SSiW. Think of them more as John the Baptist, out there crying in the wilderness, unworthy to unlatch the thong of @aran’s sandal. Or something.


From my understanding, the Welsh Duolingo course was written by a team led by a Dysgu Cymraeg tutor. So all the Welsh being taught through Duolingo is the same as what appears in the Learn Welsh and Welsh for Adults courses. But as with any online learning tool, there are problems with accuracy and consisitency which, currently with the Duolingo course, you can still report to the writers for review and correction.

The only issue I have with Duolingo is, when you do come to report an error or problem with an exercise, that exercise isn’t quarantined until it has been reviewed and often you cannot proceed with the course unless you give the “correct” answer that they are looking for.


They’ve always been very positive towards SSiW, and I’m certain they’ve brought us and bring us new learners on a regular basis… :slight_smile: