Nagw - as confused as everyone else

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Week 95 and 97 in level 2 ( lesson 22 and 24 ? ) - finding it hard to work out meaning of what sounds like nagw ( or is it nad w , other people on the forum seem to think means ‘that’ [ a negative form i.e. ‘not that’ ? ]. With presumably w being a shortened form of ‘is’ in welsh ) ? Cannot even find this usage in Gareth King superb Modern Welsh Grammar - perhaps I have not looked far enough ? Regards, John
PS Is there a level 3 SSIW of same format as level 1 and 2 ? Almost at end of level 2 - will miss it . Zooming native and advanced speakers each week to try and improve my Welsh. John

Check out section 488 on p304/5 of ‘Modern Welsh’, and then bear in mind a couple of things:
Nad often gets said as nag
In the South, yw is often used in place of ydy
So nad ydy, and nag yw (or nagw when said quickly) are actually the same thing.

There is a level 3 which is the same format but doesn’t have the tutor support (having said that, I’m not sure if ‘Deep End’ is level 3 + tutor support, perhaps @Stine or @Deborah-SSi can advise)

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Yes, the ‘Deep End’ course is based on Level 3 and gives weekly emails. It is a little more intense than the earlier courses though as it proposes 2 challenges per week; however, there’s no problem working through at your own speed and just saving the emails until you’re ready for each one.

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Thanks Sharon

Will go for it once I finish level 2 - thanks for info.

That I ( am ). Mod i
That thou ( are…t ) etc. Fod ti

Mod i … ddim Or nad ( pronounced nag ) ydw i … (ddim) That I ( am ) not …
Etc to…
Nad ydy ( or yw in SW ) e/o/hi … (ddim) - that he/she/it ( is ) not …

Last line gives something sounding like nagw .

So if I think ’ that ( is ) not ’ for 3rd person singular as in the Modern Welsh Comprehensive Grammar - that will get me a long way .

Thanks again for the help.



My ex colleague (Swansea) uses it as his main way of saying “isn’t” :slight_smile:
Edited: Also just heard nadw (nad yw) spoken by radio news journalist.