Nag oedd answer

I was wondering if anyone can help me please, I’m trying to find the correct answer for my question, we’re doing a bit of practice and the question is a did you have (past) question, Northern
Q:oedd gen ti gi?
A:Nag oedd, (doe)'sgen I ddim ci,
Someone pointed out that the answer is wrong and it should be
"Nag oedd, doedd gen i ddim ci, instead of
"Nag oedd, does gen i ddim ci,

Yes, it should be “Nag oedd, doedd gen i ddim ci” because you are referring to the past (No I didn’t, I didn’t have a dog). Oes - and its negative does - are present tense and if you used that you’d be saying “No I didn’t, I haven’t got a dog” which mixes the tenses and doesn’t make sense.

The trick is to catch the tense of the question and stick to it (echo it) in your answer.

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That’s great Siaron, thank you

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