NAFOW 2023 in Lincoln, Nebraska - Aug 30 to Sept 3

Here’s advance notice of this year’s North American Festival of Wales - the biggest Welsh cultural celebration in North America.

It will take place in Lincoln, Nebraska, from August 30th to September 3rd, and there is already a link available to reserve your accommodation on the Festival of Wales website where you’ll find all the information as it comes to hand.

Who’s likely to be going? SSiW always receives wonderful support there from Diane (@tahl) and others - a great opportunity to try out your Welsh if you live in North America and can make it to Nebraska!

How are plans coming along for this @tahl? :slight_smile:

Well, the time for the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) is approaching! I hope many SSIWers in the US and Canada will be able to join us in Lincoln, Nebraska for this big event. It’s a long weekend of concerts and seminars and singing and just general hwyl. Still time to decide to attend!

I’ll be running SSIW “taster sessions” on Friday 5-6pm and Saturday 4-5pm in the Garrat room. I use these to demonstrate the SSIW method and generally for Welsh learners to see each other and exchange tips on learning generally (not just about SSIW). I always appreciate having another SSIWer around to play the “other voice,” by the way. :slight_smile:

If you see me around at any time over the weekend – my real-world name is Diane Owen – please do stop me at any time and say hi!

@CatrinLliarJones ar gyfer y cylchlythyr :slight_smile:


Bydd o fewn wsos yma! :slight_smile:

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I’m going to 2024 in Pittsburgh!! I was looking for the thread to see who else is going. Will you be starting a 2024 NAFOW thread soon? Dw i mor gyffrous!!