Mynd - Past Tenses

Apologies if this has already been addressed. I’ve just finished SSiW level 2 so am still at basic level. It is standard English usage to say eg I went swimming. Is it also common to Cymraeg eg es I nofio? Or should I be using preterite tense (eg I swam) primarily? Any guidance gratefully received.

Yup, “es i nofio” is fine for “I went swimming”, although equally you could say “Nes i fynd yn nofio” (both mean the same).
If you did want to say “I swam”, you could say “nofiais i” or “nes i nofio” - again no difference.
And just to complete the set… :wink: “I was swimming” would be “o’n i’n nofio”.


Thanks for that clarification. My one and two hour conversations have just become a lot easier (I will be using “mynd” while expanding my vocabulary and knowledge of verb “stems”).