Myfyrwyr Iaith Gymraeg ym Moston - Massachusetts Welsh Learners Group

Hello SSiW! Any fellow Welsh learners in Massachusetts, USA? I’ve heard of a Welsh learners’ meet up around Harvard square, any further information on this would be much appreciated

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Maybe one for the email, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

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Hi Afsheen,

I haven’t frequented the forum in years but my login still works and I still get Dee’s email so saw mention of this thread. I’m Welsh-born and live in Attleboro.

I do remember monthly meetings taking place at Panera in Harvard Square but I was never able to make it to any of them. Jan Stetson was the contact. There was also a “Boston Welsh” Facebook group but I don’t know if that’s active any more.

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Jumping in 2 years later to say that I’m learning in the Boston area and would be up for a meetup if anyone’s got a group going (or I’d be game to start one). There’s a Facebook group called Cymrodorion Boston, but as far as I can tell they don’t meet in person.

Hi Brennan we meet in CT if you can’t find a group in Boston. Cymrodorian is not very active

Thanks! I might be able to make it down there on a weekend - let’s chat more at some point.

4th Saturday of every month.
If you give me your email I can add you to the reminder email I send out.
Our email is

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Hi Brennan,
I live in Chicopee, which is about 1 1/2 hours away on the Pike. It could be doable.

@SusanDavies, thanks! I just sent you an email.

@anne-rodgers, it looks like Worcester is about halfway. Maybe panad o goffi ac ymarfer siarad rhywben? A cup of coffee and practice speaking someday?

Yes let’s go! Brennan, meet half way one day?

Yes, and I know of a Panera in Worcester. Also, I think there are a couple of Friendly’s in the area. Maybe Sue can get to that neck of the woods by I84 to the Pike.

Yes, definitely! @SusanDavies, where in CT are you coming from? Maybe a meetup in Worcester or Sturbridge would work for all 3 of us? I often have Fridays off or weekends can be flexible as well.

I’m going back through the app material after taking a break for awhile, plus diving into the advanced listening material, so hoping I’ll be able to actually hack it in person. Gotta pull the band-aid off (again) at some point! :joy:

Yes I’m in Glastonbury, CT so I could go that drive once in a while! Friday’s would work usually for me