Myfyrdod yn Gymraeg (Meditation in Welsh)

I found out about this in a rather roundabout way as I tried to contact customer support at S4C about why I can never stream Deian a Loli episodes, which landed me on their Help page (which is a fabulous supply of resources on everything from grieving to depression to keeping safe from scams… which led me to another great site ( and while having a look around at a bunch of words I did not know, I recognized “hunan” from my most recent challenge and correctly guessed “hunan-ofal” would be self-care and I was very happy to find information about meditation when I clicked on “ymlacio.” This meandering adventure led me to find out about this meditation app called Ap Cwtsh.

It has three guided meditations in Welsh, with different options for background sounds and music, as well as both a woman’s and a man’s voice to select from. One meditation is for the morning, another for during the day, and my favorite: the one for going to sleep. It has been a wonderful discovery since last night, I plan to use it a lot. Anhunedd ffarwel!


I know it might be a bit far for you to travel to one of her sessions but maybe you could follow Siwan Reynolds on twitter for some good stuff on ‘myfyrdod’ and tips on how to ‘myfyrio’ (not for a second suggesting/assuming that you need any).

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This is great!! Lawrlwytho as we speak

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Thanks for the recommendation! I don’t use Twitter much, but I will check her out. :grinning:

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I forgot to mention this earlier… I started exploring the app menu and I found that there is a vocabulary list with body parts and other language used in the meditations with their English translations! They took us learners into account! If you click on the screenshot below, you can see everything there. Some of the vocabulary is really interesting for me, phrases like, “the internal landscape of the body,” “the core of your being,” “to let oneself go,” and “the darkness of the night sky.” Lovely.

I accessed it using the three stacked stones menu icon at the top right and it is the third one down the list of options. To get back to the meditations, I needed to use the back button on my phone… that took me a second to figure out in a moment of panic before bedtime… but I figured it out and drifted off to sleep to the soothing sounds of Cymraeg.

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Heya @sasha-lathrop, glad that you’ve found this and are enjoying it. It is a great resource. I put together the website for this project.

The principal yoga instructor in this, Laura Karadog, usually holds some sessions at the National Eisteddfod, and it’s worth checking out her stream nearer to then if you’re going.

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Yeah, I’m so glad I found it too! Diolch! I was thinking of looking for a meditation app in Welsh, and one found me! I live in California, though, so I won’t be able to go to any Eisteddfod events or anything else just yet. :wink: