My silly translation project: The Captain Planet theme song yn Gymraeg

I’ve decided to try my hand at translating some old pop culture stuff that just floats around in my head normally - because then at least when it surfaces I’ll be getting a bit of practice done. First one I’m trying is to translate the theme of the 1990s show Captain Planet. I plan to update this with my progress, and would love to hear any thoughts or advice!
I’ll be posting Saesneg lines first, then Cymraeg.

The first two parts were pretty easy because the characters are just listing off their magic powers:

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!
Dear! Tân! Gwynt! Dŵr! Calon!

Go Planet!
Ewch Planed!

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!

I figured the most straightforward way to make it work was to change it to “When you combine your powers, I am Captain Planet,” because that’s basically what they’re trying to get across.

*Pan i chi cyunaf pŵerau, Capten Planed dw i!

I’m nearly caught up listening in SSIW to where I left off a few years ago, and so still quite foggy on how to talk about we and they, so would especially love feedback on this one.

I’m hoping to get 2 sentences done a day. And when I finish this, I think I’ll tackle the old He-Man theme song; should be plenty of good beginner sentences there because most of the lyrics are speech with the main character saying, “My name is ___ and these other characters are ___ and here are my cool accessories you can ask your mother to buy you for Christmas.”

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A guy I know has done this for a few songs recently for fun. I hope this helps you with inspiration on your project.

Pokémon Theme (Gotta Catch 'Em All!) - Welsh Cover/Fersiwn Gymraeg (Rhaid Ni Ddal Pob Un!) - YouTube

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