My quijotic father's final push to launch a medical/mission ship

My father has lived in Thailand for a long old time now - and for most of the last 20 years, he’s been trying to raise funds to build a medical mission ship - something I suspect none of us thought he’d ever manage to do.

He’s ended up mostly funding and building it himself - with quite remarkable stubbornness! - and it seems we’ve all under-estimated just how determined he’s been about it…


Now he’s a month away from launching - and (of course!) he’s a few grand short for slightly key things like an engine

This is more than a little off-topic - but if any of you have got any thanks to me left in your tanks, and would be willing to chuck a few quid in the kitty, it would mean the world to me…:slight_smile:

And if anyone felt able to contribute the most expensive ‘reward’ he’s set up, I’d be happy to throw in an hour’s 1-on-1 Welsh conversation practice to go with that… :slight_smile:


@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

HUGELY grateful to those of you who’ve dug into your pockets on this - wish you were putting names so that I could thank you personally :slight_smile: :heart:

Diolch o galon, Tatjana! :star2:

And huge thanks to more anonymous contributors… :heart:

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Thank you.

I’ve shared, I hope it helps a bit too.


It certainly does, and that means a huge amount to me… diolch o galon… :slight_smile:

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And diolch o GALON to Alan and Karla and the not-all-that-anonymous Ystrad Meurigwr… :wink: :slight_smile: :heart: :star2:


I must say, Aran, that your use of ‘quijotic’, close to the Spanish original, can almost be said to be - quixotic!


Oh, damn, English always trips me up…:wink:


When I first saw the thread’s name, I thought it was a challenge for us to come up with the best Welsh translation :wink:


Now that’s a thought…

How about - cwysioddig ?


A diolch o galon, @gruntius :heart:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn, Bob :slight_smile: :star2: