My One sentence in Cymraeg

Correction and explanation:
By placing the link in the title of @dai-alun-hughes 's original post it was capitalised (Https… etc) and, consequently, not recognised as a hypertext link.

I have corrected this and the following link should work:
My One sentence in Cymraeg


(Moral - don’t puut links in titles of posts :smile: )

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Hi @dai-alun-hughes i! I can’t see anything here or in the other thread. Are you wanting to go for your blue badge by recording an answer to someone else’s question? If so, have a look at the instructions at the beginning of the following thread…

Please see my edit of Dai’s post

Ah, thank you so much @HuwJones - good spot!

In which case @dai-alun-hughes, you have already completed this step, what you need to do next is follow the link and instructions on my post above to go from green to blue! :slight_smile:

Huw you are a gentleman sir! Thank you very much.

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