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I’m a native Welsh speaker originally from Gwynedd. I’m interested in languages generally and have taught myself Russian and French to various levels, so I know what it’s like to learn a new language.

I have asked myself ‘I hope that Welsh survives, but what am I doing to help achieve this and help other people?’ So, a while ago I started a blog on Tumblr -

I didn’t expect anyone to really respond, but so far the response has been really encouraging!! :smile: There seems to be a real appetite for this type of content.

I write something, then I go over what I’ve written with hints or pointers along the way. It’s not the textbook Welsh you might have seen that only seems to exist in some lessons. It’s everyday, real life Welsh. Please note that because I’m from Gwynedd, I focus on northern Welsh becuase that’s my own dialect. Sometimes I do mention southern words for things, but it’s mainly northern.

There is a heavy emphasis on contractions and colloquial speech becuase after years of being around Welsh learners, I’ve seen how many learners are discouraged or give up completely becuase they feel totally lost when speaking to native speakers. This is natural for any language, but I think it’s particularly bad in Welsh because formal teaching, from what I’ve seen anyway, prepares students to speak to other Welsh learning students more than it prepares them to speak to actual Welsh speaking communities. I have seen attempts at standardising the language that end up teaching a form of Welsh that no one uses, North or South. I do understand the purpose of this, but in practice, I have seen it confuse people even more because there is such a difference between classroom Welsh and what I call real Welsh, which is very regional.

Anyway, I’ve tried to plug that gap the best way I can. It’s not a generic, classroom style language blog - it’s a combination of Welsh language info mixed with my own interests and personality. I wish I had more time to devote to my blog, but with my artwork, it’s tricky. Hope you find it useful!


@Caren I would like to follow your blog and exchange chat. I am an aged crone living in Yr Alban and trying to deal with hiraeth by re-learning Cymraeg. I need to know, how does logging in work? It is something I am loth to do unless I know what I am logging in to and what it costs!

@henddraig, just click on the link. No logging in, no cost. Looks interesting

Diolch @margaretnock I am enjoying it so far, but do not have time now to do it justice so shall return! How is life in the wide wilds of Asia? Any rare and wonderful pictures to post in ‘What’s outside’ on the Forum?

The blog itself is free! Just click the link.

I started the blog on Tumblr because there is a community of language mad people on there. However, one of the things that I’d like to add is the ability for non-Tumblr users to subscribe so they are updated when there’s a new post so you don’t have to keep checking it yourself every day. If you want to be updated automatically, best thing is to email me as and it will start setting up a mailing list to keep everyone in the loop.

Individual chats or lessons are £20.00 for 1 hour. Also, in the next week or so, I will be launching my Patreon page which means that if you’re not interested in this, there will be other options to join small group chats if enough people are interested. Again, best thing is to email me so I can let you know.

I really like talking to people, and I used to work in a tourist information office in Wales for years. I used to spend ages helping people with their English online as well! I found it rewarding but I had so many requests that I used to spend hours doing this (not joking) and eventually had to put a cap on it! That’s why the blog is free but lessons or chats are charged.

Just visited your blog Caren. What a lovely site! Gwych: I’ll be visiting frequently.

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Diolch. Much appreciated!

I forgot to say earlier - I’ll be doing what’s called a ‘sketchbook tour’ soon. It’s not going to be thrilling viewing for those not interested in art (it’s going into an exhibition with other artists), but if you are intermediate then I think you will understand most of it. I think that it will be the first sketchbook tour in Welsh posted online, or at least on Youtube! :grinning::grin: