My Interview with S4C Dysgu Cymraeg

S’mae bawb!

I was recently interviewed by S4C Dysgu Cymraeg which is a new service for language learners.

Apparently they’re always on the lookout for learners with interesting stories, so if you’d also like to be interviewed, it might be worth dropping them a line. :wink:



Hey, you’ve been brave! I can’t see the video now because I have a bad connection here, but I’ll certainly watch it!


Well done! Llongyfarchiadau… :star: :star2:

Rhiannon is lovely, isn’t she? :slight_smile:

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Brilliant - well done, both for your confident interview and for your new website!


Diolch everyone! It was a huge challenge but I’m glad I decided to go for it. :heart_eyes:

Well done. Very brave to go on tv speaking Welsh. I had a good root around the website and enjoyed that as well.

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Wow! Parch!

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