My first vlog in Welsh

Hi everyone I just started my youtube channel doing Welsh vlogs, I apologise now for the poor Welsh I felt nervous as it was my first time filming myself doing something like this! I would really love it if everyone could check the video out and show some support to it by sharing it or anything! It would be great appreciated :slight_smile: I want to make more videos in the future and help out other learners so feel free to subscribe. here’s the first video. Oh by the way the quality of video will be better in the future :joy:


Well it just so happens I’m on lunch and I’m looking for something to watch…

… yeah, very good! I find you quite easy to understand. You speak much more confidently than I do. Do you get much practice speaking to native speakers?

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I was very impressed with how fluently and confidently you spoke. I hope you keep making the videos because we need more vlogs in Welsh so people can find the sort of thing they enjoy.

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Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed. I don’t have much confidence but the more I speak the more I seem to gain it. I have a housemate who is welsh so I mostly speak to him and my girlfriend. I still need to speak more to be honest. I would also like to meet more native speakers but it seems quite hard sometimes.

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Well that’s not the impression you give! I don’t think I’d have the confidence to speak to camera in Welsh yet. I might if I kept everything very simple, but I think I’d have to script it. You did well to speak ad lib as you did.

Thank you Margaret! I will be making more videos for sure, I hope I can start to build up a following of Welsh subscribers and entertain everyone with some more Welsh content :slight_smile:


This is great Cameron!! Well done! And thanks so much for creating more Welsh content like this which definitely helps other learners like myself! Keep going with the videos and the Welsh… you could be starting something amazing! :blush:

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Just watched your vlog - gwych! I don’t know about a lack of confidence - many of us wouldn’t have the confidence to make a video like that after several years of learning!

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Thank you Esther your kind words mean alot! :slight_smile: