My final question tonight... "i dysgu" and just "dysgu"

I was doing the “one sentence a day” and had a sentence that was something like

“Dw i’n moyn dysgu siârad Cymraeg”

but also I’ve seen

“Dw i’n moyn i dysgu i siârad Cymraeg”

Are they the same? Is one wrong? What should I use? Thank you so much!

The first one is right, use that one.

You may be getting confused with “dwi’n mynd i dysgu…”. That’s different because mynd needs the i after it but moyn doesn’t.


While one of the meanings of i is to, you don’t need it to mark an infinitive in Welsh – siarad by itself means to speak. Whereever you have seen the second version, that person likely tried translating from English to Welsh word-for-word and thus ending up with incorrect Welsh.
(Whenever you do see an i, it’s because it is part of the phrase before, such as in Dw i’n mynd i ymarfer yforyI am going to practice tomorrow)


Thank you so much - your answer has really helped. This is an amazing service.

Thank you - this is absolutely crystal clear and it is EXACTLY the mistake I was making.

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