My day at the Eisteddfod, or some of it, part 2

I’m staying in Betws y Coed but needed a couple of things from a chemist so I walked to Llanrwst, on the back road. Lovely, quiet route with blackberries just coming into season. Walked into. town, got my things done, walked out of town to the Maes. I was a bit late for my volunteering session, starting at noon, in Celf a Chrefft, or was it Crefft a Chelf. Either way it doesn’t exist. There is Y Lle Celf, but they didn’t seem to be expecting me, or have any food vouchers for me. So it was back to the office, via a red coated official who also didn’t know where it was. It turns out that I should have been in Y Lle Celf but that the office had my vouchers anyway. My return was further delayed by coming across @Novem and about 1000 (I exaggerate here, for effect) white, blue and green robed Orsedd members going on a walk and taking up a lot of space. Despite being cheered by my chat with Novem I felt a bit down in Y Lle Celf and I was inclined to agree with my one time Welsh tutor, visiting the Eisteddfod for three days, that three days at the Eisteddfod was quite enough and that after that you go a bit mad.


This evening, volunteering in the Pavilion, one of my fellow volunteers, a mamiaith, mother tongue speaker of Welsh asked if I too was a mamiaith speaker. That was very good for my ego, which I agree might sometimes need taking down a leg or two, and it’s obvious that I wasn’t exactly like a mamiaith speaker, otherwise she wouldn’t have needed to ask, but it certainly made my day.

And then I walked back to Betws because the last bus had gone.


Those times when you’re already late and nervous and a crowd of white, blue and green robed Orsedd members going on a walk (!) blocks the way.
What an image! :rofl: :rofl:

The organizers seem to have been inspired by Italians: kinda chaotic!

But being promoted mamiaith speaker by a mamiaith is priceless, right? :wink:


Absolutely priceless. It made my day!


How long did the walk from Betws to the Maes take?

It took me 40 mins without rushing

Thanks! What route did you take?

I’m going over the footbridge at the railway station and then over a footbridge over the river which is then a tarmac footpath to the A470 via a farm. But Peter is staying nearer the railway station than I am. It’s on Google Maps if you adjust the scale.

Yes, the same route as Margaret. Not the loveliest of walks because most is along the footpath on the road which, although not busy, has fast traffic. There doesn’t appear to be any footpaths by the river or anywhere else to make the journey more pleasant. However, when the scenery is still quite dramatic.

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Thanks very much. You’re right about the path next to road, but getting there from Station was marvellous. Diolch yn fawr!

Maybe this is the thread I should have posted my message to rather than the Eisteddfod poll thread … :roll_eyes:
Is anyone interesred in joining me on the walk tomorrow (Thurs) if about 5 miles organised by Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd? It starts at 10:30 from the Llyn Crafnant car park - go to Trefriw and follow sign to Llyn Crafnant - I could provide a lift if needed

I met the lovely lady again tonight. And her husband, who is now learning Welsh through SSIW. Meet Eleanor and Steve. Say hello if you meet them on the Maes.

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