My birthday

My missus, worth her weight in Ayr Cymru!!!

It’s going very slowly, but I’m trying to upload a picture of a couple bottles of Penderyn… Love it. Except they won’t sell direct and our local importer only carries about 3 types.


Files too big. Gah.

Such a shame! Ond, penblwydd hapus anyway! :smile:

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Diolch in fair iawn. I’m sure the taste will make up for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Big birthday though. My 30th, shared party tonight as the missus turned 30 about 8 days ago so tonight is a ‘60th’, clipsal 500 (loud v8’s) about to start, and North London derby tonight. Wow. Hectic.

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Wow, sounds like fun! :smile:

If you use any storage which gives you picture format at the end of the link like .png, .jpg … you can always copy the link and software here will recognize it as a picture. Pictures to upload on here are very easily “too heavy” to be uploaded. For additional explanation view in this thread.

And happy birthday!

[size=9](or is it birhtday. I don’t understand this post too well …)[/size]

Penblwydd hapus! :birthday: Mwynhewch!

Penblwydd hapus i chi! :slight_smile:

Bloody youngsters…:wink: :sunny:

Sounds as though she’s just won a lot of brownie points. I’d be pleased enough with a bottle of Penderyn here, let alone sorting out the whole import/export thing!

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Penblwydd hapus ! :beers:

Thanks all, yes it worked out pretty well. And yes @aran, she will be able to ride those brownie points for a while I think :smile: