I did some Welsh in school and from what I remember “eisiau” is the word we used for want, I’ve just done the first two 1 sentence lessons and was taught “mwyn” for want. Am I misremembering or are there two different words?

No, you’re not misremembering, and yes, there are two different words for ‘want’ :slight_smile: . There are two main ways of saying “want” in Welsh. Eisiau is the ‘standard’ word for ‘want’ according to many dictionaries, but in speech it’s more commonly heard for ‘want’ in North Wales (in South Wales eisiau means “need”), and in South Wales, moyn is more commonly used for ‘want’ in speech. (mwyn means gentle - but they sound the same :wink: )

Amazing, thank you!

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Rhys Mwyn/eisiau recordiau :grin:

@georgina-waite: please ignore my comment, i don’t mean to confuse you, i just can’t resist playing with words cause it made me think of a name of a person @siaronjames knows too!

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