Music in Other Languages

This is the latest from the German Band Faun. One of their best so far.


Hmmm … interesting. The melos is not even a bit German though.

And, unfortunately, the melody reminds one who knows russian music a bit on one Russian song in some parts.

But great though.

Thank you.

And … If we’re at German music, here’s one I extreamly love and sometimes it makes me cry …

Dschinghis Khan - Komm doch heim.



You know already (or you do not) however I’d like to revive this topic with special wish to tell you that the choir from my country won first evern Choir Eurovision competition for the choir of the year (unfortunately to many) putting Welsh Côr Merched Sir Gâr to the second place.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our (Slovenian) Gimnasium girls choir Carmen manet who won the competition with this performance:

The choir is the part of wider musical activities at this middle school and all musical activities are maintained with high proffessioalism despite they’re all very young and amateur. The most stunning thing I’ve seen from them (apart from the competition performance) so far was the promo video for the Christmas concert in one of the biggest Slovenian hall in our capital City Ljubljana - Gallus hall in Ivan Cankar home of Culture. In this video my son’s class mate performs too. However there isn’t only Carmen manet girls in this video but also boys and the school symphony orchestra members.

As you will se big part of my beautiful country too I’d like to present you with this video too. Enjoy in the beauty of (this time American) song and beauties of our little beloved country.


Wonderful performances, talented choir, beautiful country. :heart:
You must be very proud.
Diolch am rannu. :smiley:

Ydw, dw i’n falch iawn! (Yes I’m very proud!)

Thank you @hewrop and thank you for watching.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that 2nd song of the Eurovision contest is linguistically very interesting because it’s sang in the Slovene Rezia dialect about which I’ve written on here a while ago.

@tatjana Unfortunately, it won’t let me watch the first video - not available in my country :frowning2: But I did really enjoy the second one - what a gorgeous country you have!

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This is interesting. I’d never think you can’t watch it. The whole program is on S4C International here and slovenia appears in 1:09:54. I bet you’ll be able to watch the performance there. The Côr Merched Sir Gâr from much beloved Wales you can hear from 1:28:25.

If I look back to this whole program I can say with certanty it was a festival of long hair as you almost couldn’t see any girl/woman with short hair. Interesting thingy.

So I hope you can enjoy this now and all the rest of the program if you feel like to watch the whole competition.


Tatjana :slight_smile:

Oh and the second song of Côr Merched Sir Gâr performance - Welsh Lullaby - reminds me to one of Slovenian songs called “Nocoj, pa ho nocoj” (Tonight, oh tonight). Compare and you’ll hear. What a coincidence, isn’t it? The text with Slovene song is very sad though and talks about the boy who comes to the girl for the last time because he goes to the army for long 7 years.

Diolch for those links, @tatjana! I can see the program on S4C - don’t have time to watch right now, but I will later :slight_smile:

I’m just listening to some music I’ve put into the playlist on Spotify (don’t ask me how I came to be able to use webpage of it though) and it is this song I’m playing right now and which reminds me on the good old days of ex-Yuboslavia where the music bloomed in real. It’s titled “Jesen u meni” (The Autumn in me) and it talks about the boy (man) who’s by the Autumn reminded on his (probably ex) girl who was gentle, warm and right soulmate (as long as it lasted obviously). I love this song as its melody seats very well into my soul … and the voice of the singer is something unique in deed (at least in my opinion). Oh, ja … the language is Serbo-Croatian (which some might recognize and even understand some of the lirycs).


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I’m so excited about the latest happenings that I just have to put this on here. It happened that our girls choir from Gimnazija Kranj (Kranj gimnasium) was choosen to perform in the Llangollen festival and got quite high marks. They had 3 performances and they said they enjoyed the staying and taking part in the festival very much! They’ve got new friends and experienced some of the Welsh culture too. Here’s their performance which I find great. Unfortunatelly the individual videos are not sharable so here’s the link ot the page where you can find the video of “Gimnazij Kranj Girls” (mistakingly descripted as the choir of Indonesia though) and listen to that there.

Oh and one more thing: These girls performing here are not Carmen manet presented last year to be the winners of the first ever Eurovision Choir competition. Carmen manet devided from the original Gimnazja Kranj Girls choir as they’ve all finished gimnasium there and went their own ways. So, we have here two brilliant choirs now: one is Gimnazija Kranj Girls and the other is Carmen manet. Just to clear things not to be mixed from now on. :slight_smile:


Another German one here. Slightly different genre :wink:

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I don’t like the first 1:25 min of the song but from then on it’s brilliant. The language is Kabyle, which is a Berber language of North Africa

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We didn’t post in here for a long time so here’s one of the uploads to YouTube from FAUN. Enjoy.

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I found this recently, and proceeded to listen to it five thousand times.

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I’m in the jodel mood so let’s go a bit lodelish in this thread.

Here’s one for you:

(O yes, that’s what I’m listening to just right now and I wish I could jodel like this).