Moving to Wales tomorrow ☺

Bore da

I have completed the first four lessons and am about to do my last for the week. I have brain ache!

I am loving it but yesterday’s was so hard but then I think about singing in Latin and that is hard until you practice it several times. So I am determined to get this as well.

I am moving to Waen, Nantglyn tomorrow! The clark to the Community Council recommended this course and, I am really pleased he did.

So at 8.30 tomorrow the removals arrive and home, dogs, hens and ducks start our exciting journey to Denbighshire.

Oh and I have no idea, technically that is, what I am doing on this machine, so if I push the wrong buttons, sorry

I would say this in Welsh but we have not done it yet

Goodbye and “see” you soon



Croeso i Gymru. Welcome to Wales!


Diolch yn fawr

How exciting! I imagine you’re safely here by now, so croeso i Gymru!
And well done that community council clerk!
Hope to see you here again,

Croeso i’r Waen. I hope that the move was completed without too much trauma.

We live on top of the hill immediately to the south of the Waen.

If you need any help, let me know.


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Croeso i Gymru!

Good timing as hopefully in-person cultural events are returning soon. Be aware that understanding people in masks is harder in any language a phob lwc!

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Hello Chris Bore da

Thank you. The move went well, although it took a long time to get here. There was no electric, hot water, central heating and the chimney sweep told me not to use the log burner until he had checked it. Furniture and boxes almost filled the cottage.

Twenty four hours later we had electric. Phone line, internet, chimney swept, new border collie puppy, because why not add to the chaos, all now in place after two weeks. Still no boiler so no hot water or central heating, drying the cottage out, it has been unoccupied for two years, using the log burner.

The people are so friendly, the country beautiful and I love it here.

I just wanted to say hello really.

Getting back to learning Welsh next week